Acting/Musician Showreels

Today’s acting world often demands examples of your acting skills at very short notice and it is essential to have a showreel ready to show off your skills to those important casting directors. Actor Video

It is also just as important to have an online presence showcasing your talents where the right people can find that professional showreel to get you that next role.

All of our showreels are:

  • Professionally edited
  • Appropriately styled for each scene
  • Include graded colouring and footage optimisation

A showreel is indisputable proof of your talent, charisma, presence and artistic range, the embodiment of your essence as an actor and the most significant piece of work you will probably ever do for it carries the seeds of all your future opportunities.

Whether you need of additional material to supplement your existing showreel or a new showreel shot entirely from scratch we are here to help you create the single most important tool you will ever need as an actor/actress. Actor Video

Example Scope of Acting Showreel:

  • Short Biography Intro-Reel including:
    • 1 hour filming potentially comprising:
      • brief acting demonstrations
      • an introduction from yourself as an actor/actress (or singer, dancer, presenter etc.) Actor Video
      • It can cover also why you became an actor, your passions, training, skills & influences
    • Shot against a plain background
    • Reel edited with animated text and transitions and finalised in HD

Additional packages are available if you want an extended showreel or increase shooting period.

All our videos include complimentary make up during the shoot and advice on clothes styling.

Contact us now to discuss your project requirements and we'll get the camera rolling to show you at your best!